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CASH BACK campaign is back! If you are already a customer, you will receive 60€ CASH BACK and 30€ for new customers until 23.12.2020. 240€ CASH BACK for customers who take out four new policies. Ask for more details and an insurance quote today! Fill in the form below and let Mallorca Assekuranz advise you […]

2. April 2020

R&P sales force

Full commitment for our customers – the sales service of Ramrath & Partner!

8. December 2019

R&P VIP-Lounge 30.01.2019

meeting from 30.01.2019 at the MHouse in Palma. The VIP Lounge was usual well attended and the new concept was well received. Intensive networking with lots of fun and great people. If you are interested to be part of it, please feel free to contact us: VIP-Lounge@ramrath-und-partner.de .

12. February 2019

The new tourism law

Holiday rentals under consideration of the current law Tourist rental according to the new regulations. What’s new? What do I have to consider? How do I apply for new licenses? How much do new licenses cost? What about existing licenses? ……and much more! Lawyer and tax consultant Baltasar Covas and Melanie Walder from the law […]

19. October 2018

Preview Déjà vu on 06.10.2018 at 14:00 clock

Visionaries, idols or world changer and the currently most expensive picture on Mallorca. Come to your pole position. Beate Mack loves the people she paints and something like love, is treated little in art today. She shows artists who have created themselves and their art. People who do something, who get involved are admirable, that […]

21. September 2018

Seguro Decenal / Building guarantee in Spain

As in other European countries, it is compulsory in Spain to sell new construction properties with a ten-year guarantee. The Seguro Decenal is a building guarantee in Spain, that covers structural damage to basic building elements. For example such as foundations or retaining walls – up to 10 years after the construction is completed. The […]

20. September 2018

Majorca´s Best Addresses

The Mallorca Magazine from 08.08.2018 published a special, with the best addresses of Mallorca. Read for yourself! Article the best adresses Mallorca Magazin Have fun reading! Ramrath & Partner  

17. August 2018

3rd International R&P Golf Cup

Golf & Diamonds On September 28 Capdepera Golf, beginning 16 o’clock, cannon launch at 16:30 o’clock. 9-hole tournament Stableford Rating Evening buffet with musical accompaniment by Anna Leman Tombola with great prices Price for a hole-in-one is a diamond 1 ct (value 21,000 €) Entry fee 59 € incl. evening buffet Non-golfer price for buffet […]

9. August 2018

Diamonds as an investment alternative

The diamond as a safe and profitable investment opportunity. It protects your assets against loss of inflation and purchasing power. On 07.06.2018 our customers could convince themselves of the product and admired the one and two carats, with a delicious wine, presented by Bodega de la Rubia.

28. June 2018

II. International R&P Golf Cup