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Info: Insurance on Mallorca, Spain – for German Residents

Enjoy life under Spain’s sun without worries!

Versicherung Mallorca

In order to be able to really enjoy your life outside your home country without worries, the important fundamental requierment is, to be well protected against the risks of life.

Whether you want to work on Mallorca / in Spain or spend your retirement here: An adequate insurance cover is especially for foreign residents in Spain a basic protection of your primal living standards. Unfortunately, this aspect is often underestimated or leads in case of damage to unpleasant surprises with benefits covered by the insurance.

In Spain many things are regulated differently than usual

On Mallorca / in Spain a lot is different than many residents from northern european countries are used to. There exists a different system of social security. As a supplement to the state Seguridad Social (this is the statutory social insurance), there are private insurance products on the Spanish market to fill the gaps.

Insurances known in Germany, such as occupational disability insurance or long-term care insurance , do not currently exist in the same form on the Spanish market. We at Mallroca Assekuranz will find individual solutions for you.

As a specialist for Spanish insurances we are happy to advise you!

Also in the field of private insurance and provision in Spain much is different than in Germany. Knowing the differences and being well advised is the best protection against unpleasant surprises in case of damage. At Mallorca Assekuranz we advise you competently on all Spanish insurance policies. Moreover we know the differences in the damage coverage, insurance benefits, coverage amounts or the settlement.

Safe on the road! Statutory compulsory insurance

KFZ-Versicherung Mallorca

There are legally prescribed compulsory insurances on Mallorca / in Spain. This includes, for example, car insurance.

The conclusion of a life insurance is required mostly by banks as condition for the granting of credits and mortgages. Also a building insurance can be demanded as a condition for a mortgage loan. What many bank customers do not know, is that the bank can demand this insurance, but not necessarily with a specific insurance company. Often savings or better benefits are possible if other offers in this sector are considered by other companies. We will be happy to advise you.

Well secured in case of illness!

Your private health insurance on Mallorca

Krankenversicherung Mallorca

Private health insurance in Spain is voluntary and does not replace statutory health insurance, but complements it. These are two separate, parallel health systems, both with their strengths and weaknesses and complementing each other. The best way to be coverd by sickness is to have both the statutory Seguridad Social (or German statutory health insurance) and the private health insurance. In the case of the private medical insurance, the selection of the appropriate tariff is very important – there are significant differences here in terms of contribution and scope of benefits. Spanish health insurance companies have contractual terms with doctors and clinics that bil directly via the card according to the principle of benefits in kind. Many tariffs only cover services within the contractual conditions. However, there are also tariffs with free choice of doctor and reimbursement modality beyond the contractual trems and significantly higher premiums, optionally with worldwide protection. You can only expect a refund with a tariff that has reimbursement modality. With a tariff that is limited to contractual conditions in the free choise of doctor, there will be no share of the costs from other services and neither reimbursement.

We cannot protect you from surprises – but from the financial consequences!

We know the different offers and services of the Spanish and German insurance providers and would be happy to create for you a free evaluation of your existing insurance.

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